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À Deux – Composing for Harp
Workshop Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir & Sarah Nemtsov

Workshop with selection process (Call for Sketches, Deadline: 15 December 2019)

Tutors: Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir (Harp), Sarah Nemtsov (Composition)
Workshop dates: four days tba: group sessions. Composers and harpists arrange additional rehearsals individually. Final presentation: tba
Workshop times: 9.30–12.30 for all four group sessions
Location: Akademie für Tonkunst
Possible number of active participants: 8 composers
Participants: Composers (chosen from Call for sketches, registered for composition) & harpists (all participants of the harp studio)
Application deadline for composers: ⚠️ 15 December 2019


The workshop tutors will choose 8 composers for active participation. These composers will be notified in January 2020 and will be given a spot to sign up for the composition studios of the Darmstadt Summer Course. Their pieces must be finished by ⚠️ 19 June 2020. The compositions will be rehearsed in Darmstadt by the participants of the Darmstadt harp studio in close collaboration with the composers and introduced in workshop sessions where contemporary playing techniques, notation as well as general compositional questions will be discussed. Each piece will be discussed at least twice with about a week in between, during which the composers/harpists can work together, learn about each others’ perspective, strengthen the bond between performer and composer and also work on changes and alterations suggested by the group. Both, Gunnhildur and Sarah will be available for consultation between the workshop sessions. The results of the workshop will be shown in a final presentation.

Call for sketches

Applicants can e-mail a sketch of a (short) new composition planned for this workshop or a short text explaining the planned composition. Alternatively, applicants can send a PDF of an existing composition for harp solo. The application should also include a short CV and all further information related to the project. Pieces using extended techniques or unconventional performance practice are strongly encouraged. An overview of contemporary harp techniques and notation can be found on:

The proposed works can include electronics, video, amplification or other devices/objects. A small PA system will be provided as well as a small mixer, some microphones and a video beamer. However, composers should be aware that during the workshop there won’t be a sound technician present, so if electronics are included the composers should be able to operate and set them up themselves. Any special requirements must be discussed with the workshop tutors in advance.


Applicants are requested to merge all documents into ONE SINGLE PDF file (LASTNAME_Firstname_Harp_Composition_2020.pdf) and e-mail it by 15 December 2019 to:

Please note that we cannot consider any remarks, links, or information outside the PDF!
If you have sound or video files, please upload them on a cloud and provide the link in the PDF, thank you!

All applicants will be notified before 22 January 2020 (start of the booking period). Composers accepted for the workshop will be given priority during registration and online booking for composition.

Important: Please take note of our data protection policy and the conditions for participation for the Darmstadt Summer Course before submitting your application.

If you have questions, please e-mail!

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