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Electroacoustic Performance Practice
Workshop Sebastian Berweck

If you are enrolled for the Summer Course and interested in taking part, please email

Tutor: Sebastian Berweck
Format: Single lessons for performers (on-site) or composers (remote). In addition to this, Sebastian Berweck will give several lectures to introduce into the topic (Man-Machine Interface, Modular Synthesis, Controllerism).
Participants: Participants of the instrumental or composition studios of the Summer Course. Please get in touch with the tutor prior to the Summer Course to discuss the use of the instruments and to arrange possible online sessions.
How to sign up: No selection process, but “first come, first served”.
Prerequisites for participation: None
Tech requirements (to be brought by the participants): For the single lessons you need your required instruments. Still there will be a lot of instruments available in the workshop. Nobody needs to bring her/his large keyboard… Please get in touch early enough with the tutor on this.
Neccessary material: Nothing special. Just bring your own material you want to work on.


Performance Practice Electronic Music is a twofold course with seminars and single sessions for both performers and composers. As opposed to writing Max patches and other practices dealing with the more theoretical side of electronic music this course is on the hands on performance oriented side of things.

In the seminars we will discuss topics like

  • Notation of electronic music/music for controllers
  • Writing and reading a tech sheet
  • Controllerism
  • What is MIDI, OSC, CV, Eurorack and how does it work?
  • How do I make my composition future proof?
  • How do I find my own setup and adapt it to different compositions?
  • How to synchronize humans and machines?
  • What is modular synthesis, why is it exciting and how can I integrate it into my writing/playing?

The workshop will be hands-on with lots of practical and impractical examples and open to your questions at any time. The single sessions are for both composers to discuss their strategies and options in their pieces and for performers to play and talk about technical and performance aspects.

There will be many devices on hand to check and try out: sensors, breath controllers, MPE devices, an assortment of Eurorack modules, converters of all kinds, play dough, cassette tape and whatever can be used to facilitate a performance of electronic music.

The workshop aims at enabling you to find your own setup and methods in a sea of possibilities. The resurgence of analogue and the fusion of digital and analogue in the Eurorack world are an exciting time to bring electronics on stage.

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