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Guitar & E-Guitar
Studio Yaron Deutsch

Two-week instrumental studio

Tutor: Yaron Deutsch

How to sign up: 6 spots in the Guitar Studio were given to guitarists taking part in the project with Elena Rykova (application process already concluded). For the remaining spots guitarists can apply by 31 March 2020.

Yaron Deutsch writes about his Guitar Studio:

“Cooperation oils the machinery of getting things done, and sharing with others can make up for what we may individually lack.” (Richard Sennett, TOGETHER).

“In a real band, the principles of math get stood on their head and one plus one equals three.” (Bruce Springsteen, ON BROADWAY)

Dear guitarists,

May they be the words of an acclaimed sociologist, a glorified rock star or god forbid our parents, the tune remains the same – working together brings us to achievements we probably might not reach by acting alone.

In the secluded life the 21st century summons us, music is still an offering that greatly celebrates “TOGETHERNESS”. Performing to…Playing with…Studying from…are still main anchors of the musical discourse and in that spirit content for the guitar class at the coming Darmstadt Summer Course was conceived.

Such content and exchange of knowledge is to take shape in the form of three main projects addressing both electric and acoustic guitar. First, there will be a new creation by composer Elena Rykova writing a new 40 minute piece for six electric guitars and electronics, commissioned by the Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (IMD), Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik and the Parisian electronics studio La Muse en Circuit who is our main production partner. This project will take six guitarists to sessions and performances in Paris, Witten and obviously Darmstadt with the composer and myself joining the guitarists in all stages, offering guidance and reference in real time.

Guitarists selected for this project should note that the activities will also take place prior to the Darmstadt courses as follows: 25.–28.02.2020 (Paris) & 22.–27.04.2020 (Witten).

In these meetings guitarists can expect individual sessions, studio work, experimenting with the composer and performances of the new piece. Please also note there will be no extra costs for the participants enrolled in Darmstadt as travel and accommodation in Paris and Witten will be covered by the above mentioned partners.

A second project titled: “Music from the Vault” draws its material from the past or better said from the IMD library and traces works with guitar (acoustic/electric) written by significant but less known or possibly forgotten 20th century composers. In “Music from the Vault” we aim to offer a discovery of repertoire, contemporary practices (technique, notation etc.) and various aesthetics in a chamber music context involving instrumentalists from other Darmstadt classes. No less, the project aspires to motivate participants to take advantage of the digital era by using databases to research and discover hidden gems that are to serve the potential development of a singular artistic path within a more and more generic acting world.

Click here to explore a choice of our picks for the “Music from the Vault” project.

The third project will be a 3 day seminar dedicated to Pierluigi Billone’s electric guitar “Sgorgo” triptych in which I will unfold all aspects of my interpretation to these large scale works. Applicants are welcomed to learn one of the pieces in advance throughout the year and then during the seminar and naturally throughout the course they will be mutually explored.

The aim of the project besides making the works more accessible is to offer guitarists – acoustic & electric – advanced tools and insights on the practice of interpretation of new or existing music. Under such roof, the act of interpretation will be addressed and shaped as if it was a composition on its own right.

Supplementary to the above, class activity is to include individual lessons, 2 workshops (“Advanced guitar playing techniques” & “Sound as a Vision”) and no less, a fair amount of time will be kept for spontaneous encounters and “on the fly” developing projects that are so much part of the TOGETHERNESS hailed and experienced at the Darmstadt Summer Courses.

Looking forward having you with us,

Yaron Deutsch

Application for the Guitar Studio

Required documents:

  • CV
  • repertoire list with contemporary pieces

Applicants are requested to merge all links and documents into ONE SINGLE PDF file (LASTNAME_Firstname_Guitar_2020.pdf) and e-mail it by ⚠️ 31 March 2020 to:

Please note that we cannot consider any remarks, links, or information outside the PDF!
If you have sound or video files, please upload them on a cloud and provide the link in the PDF, thank you!

If you have questions, please e-mail or Yaron Deutsch via ensemblenikel[at]gmail[dot]com.

Applicants will be notified in April 2020. Online booking for the guitar studio will be opened afterwards to the chosen participants.

Important: Please take note of our data protection policy and the conditions for participation for the Darmstadt Summer Course before submitting your application.

Details Project with Elena Rykova
(application process already concluded)

For the Darmstadt Guitar Studio by Yaron Deutsch, composer Elena Rykova is commissioned to write a new piece involving 6 electric guitars. Prior to the premiere in Darmstadt, the participating guitar players get the opportunity of working with the tutor and the composer at the Paris electronic studio La Muse en Circuit in February and of presenting parts of the piece as an avant-premiere at Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik in April.

Elena Rykova: New Work for 6 electric guitars & electronics (2020) ca. 40’

World Premiere / Commission of the Darmstadt Summer Course, La Muse en Circuit and Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik
Produced by La Muse en Circuit, Centre National de Création Musicale

Performers: Participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course 2020

25.–28.02.2020 Paris
22.–27.04.2020 Witten
18.07.–01.08.2020 Darmstadt Summer Course

At all stages guitarists can expect individual sessions, studio work, experimenting with the composer and performances of the new piece.

Costs: regular participation fee, travel and accomodation in Darmstadt

For the Paris and Witten sessions, accomodation and travel expenses (we’ve calculated a distance within Europe) will be covered by the partners (La Muse en Circuit / Wittener Tage). A small allowance will be paid for the Witten and Darmstadt performances.

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