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Group or single lessons with different tutors

Course fee: 250€ (+9€ system and booking fees)

Remote lessons

The Darmstadt composition classes will be held online this year. You will have access to lessons with up to three composition tutors. At the beginning of July all registered participants for composition will receive an email in which we ask for your prefered tutors. This will be compared and adjusted afterwards according to the tutors’ timetables. We cannot guarantee a place with a certain composer, but we try to find fair solutions together with the tutors to respond to your interests in the best way possible.

In addition, there will be last minute offers like workshops or seminars on specific topics and open formats like an online version of Open Space. Most concert and discourse events will be made accessible online.

The following tutors have confirmed their participation so far:

  • Mark Andre (one-to-one lessons and group sessions)
  • Georges Aperghis (exception, not online: one-to-one lessons in person in Paris, approximately 2 hours)
  • Malin Bång (one-to-one lessons and group sessions on specific topics, e.g. composing with instrumental and object-based sound, experimental composing for orchestra, how to articulate your artistic voice)
  • Raphaël Cendo (one-to-one lessons and group sessions)
  • Chaya Czernowin (group sessions: selected group of 6 composers working in a „Thinking lab“)
  • Brian Ferneyhough (small group sessions with 4 composers each)
  • Lars Petter Hagen (one-to-one lessons plus „Fettecke Colloquium: Cookbook Study Circle“)
  • David Helbich
  • Clara Iannotta (one-to-one and group sessions to a specific topic)
  • George Lewis (one-to-one lessons and group sessions)
  • Cathy Milliken (one-to-one lessons and group sessions to specific topics,e.g. improvisation and daisy chain compositional processes)
  • Isabel Mundry
  • Brigitta Muntendorf
  • Sarah Nemtsov (one-to-one and group sessions to a specific topic)
  • Stefan Prins (one-to-one lessons)
  • Lucia Ronchetti (one-to-one lessons and group sessions)
  • Alexander Schubert (individual lessons, only two days)
  • Simon Steen-Andersen (group sessions)
  • Hans Thomalla (group sessions for 5 composers each, 2 groups in total)
  • Jennifer Walshe (one-to-one lessons and group sessions and 3-day workshop with Du Yun „Engaging with the World“)
  • Du Yun (group sessions and 3-day workshop with Jennifer Walshe „Engaging with the World)

Please make sure that you are flexible in the period 1 – 11 August 2021. It will be a real challenge to create a schedule that matches with all different time zones.

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