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Listening as Compositional Practice
Workshop Isabel Mundry, George Lewis & Marco Blaauw

Hybrid workshop: Brass players will work on-site in Darmstadt, composers remotely

Tutors: Isabel Mundry, George Lewis (Composition) & Marco Blaauw (Brass Studio)
Workshop dates: six days tba with the brass players in Darmstadt and the composers remotely. Composers and musicians arrange additional rehearsals individually online.
Participants: Composers (already selected from a Call for Scores & Texts, registered for composition) & brass players (all participants of the brass studio)


Critical interrogation of the sites of compositional imagination and performance have become crucial to the music of our time. Both questions are related to the phenomenon of listening. Georgina Born has observed that „forms of sociality specifically engendered by musical practices are bound up with how music is mediated by, and entangled in, wider social relations, institutions and conditions.“ Thus, on the one hand, music reacts to other music or acoustic experiences, while being entangled with cultural traces and conditions. Inevitably, a new piece also defines a new constellation of listening in a larger context of acoustical knowledge. On the other hand, music creates a unique situation of perception, situated in a specific place and present.

The workshop „Listening as Compositional Practice“ presents opportunities for theoretical engagement, experience, and compositional applications. Topics will include the politics of listening, improvisation, reflection, indexicality, interpretation, perception, space and place, and the role of the aural witness. Workshop participants will collaborate online on the production of new works with the Brass Studio.


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