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Pitch 43
One-Day Workshop on the Harry Partch instruments

One-day workshop on the instruments by Harry Partch with musicians of Ensemble Musikfabrik (Sara Cubarsi, Carl Rosman, Hannah Weirich)
7 August 2021, Orangerie
11:00-13:30 Group I
14:30-17:00 Group II

According to the selection of instruments that Ensemble Musikfabrik brings with them to Darmstadt the workshop aims in particular at musicians playing on strings (harpists, guitarists, string players), but it is also open to all other instrumentalists of the Summer Course. We will have two mixed groups.

If you are enrolled for the Summer Course and interested in taking part, please email

Some years ago the Cologne based Ensemble Musikfabrik attracted particular attention with a large-scale research project on the US-American musical pioneer Harry Partch’s instrument collection: the composer’s entire microtonal range of instruments was specially recreated for the ensemble Musikfabrik in 2012 – musical sculptures of idiosyncratic beauty and great stage presence. This recreation project entailing the construction of over 50 instruments, some of which were sculptural, was unique across the world: string, percussion, bell and keyboard instruments alongside smaller hand instruments. In the meantime, Musikfabrik has introduced Harry Partch’s fascinating oeuvre to a wide audience and inspired numerous new compositions for these instruments in order to continue research in cooperation with the composers. Participants in various studios at the Darmstadt Summer Course 2021 will be given the opportunity of familiarizing themselves with some of these instruments in a workshop.

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