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Composing for Voices and Accordions
Workshop with Neue Vocalsolisten, Krassimir Sterev, Lucia Ronchetti & Malin Bång

Hybrid workshop: Singers and accordionists will work on-site in Darmstadt, composers remotely

Tutors: Johanna Vargas & Andreas Fischer (Neue Vocalsolisten), Krassimir Sterev, Lucia Ronchetti, Malin Bång
Workshop dates: six days tba with the singers and accordionists in Darmstadt and the composers remotely. Additional rehearsals to be arranged individually online.
Workshop times: 14.30–17.30 on all six days
Participants: Composers (already chosen from call for scores & sketches, registered for composition), singers and accordionists (participants of the voice and accordion studios)


We know the partnership of voice and accordion well from old times: whenever an accompaniment was needed for singing and neither piano nor other bulky harmony instruments were at hand, the mobile version was used as an alternative. So, the accordion, the squeezebox, the bandoneon, the “Schifferklavier”, the “Zerrwanst” – or other imaginative names given to the instrument – are indispensable for many kinds of artistic folkloristic music.

It is interesting to note that this connection, which has been tried and tested over centuries, has found no significant entry into contemporary music production; for voice and accordion, there are only very isolated works in the repertoire of recent decades.

At the same time, the special possibilities of such partnerships, merging and contrasting, demonstrably let composers’ hearts beat faster. The more and less fruitful attempts to exorcise the primeval and the human from the two, to process them as pure sound generators, are respectable. However, a rest of “nest warmth”, as with old married couples, remains.

The workshop “Composing for Voices and Accordions” is a joint project of the accordion studio of Krassimir Sterev and the studio for contemporary voice of Neue Vocalsolisten. Accompanying composers will be Lucia Ronchetti and  Malin Bång.

The workshop calls for works for one to three voices and one to three accordions. In accordance with the workshop character, the works should not last longer than five to seven minutes.

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