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31.07.2021 AGAIN
Ensemble Modern and conductor Enno Poppe with works by Malin Bång, Brigitta Muntendorf, Olga Neuwirth and Alvin Singleton


I have many memories from my childhood in Sävedalen that are drenched in timbres, sound and tones. Our brown suburban rowhouse had a location close to the highway and the railroad, in neighborhood there was also the ice cream factory and a garbage station. This counterpoint of continuous clouds of noise in the distance constituted our version of silence.

Our intense schoolyard activities appear like an articulated relief to this sounding backdrop; theater performances with historic topics were created, rapid conversations in the secret robber language were exchanged, and I spent many hours of passionate playing of the piano and the violin.

If the gradually changing noise structure is the foundation of the piece, these influential experiences appear as fragments within the noise layers and act like bridges between the sounding environment and my everyday activities. I imagine that we are all marked by the acoustics of our childhood, and that we perhaps unconsciously are drawn towards timbral surroundings like the ones we grew up with. Through the composition process of blooming brume I have happily and with a certain fling of nostalgia been exploring the sounds of Sävedalen with a new precision in my listening.

Malin Bång


Again, a chamber orchestra piece for 14 players, was commissioned by the Austrian Radio and awarded the musikprotokoll Prize for Composition. It lives sonically in two worlds, Jazz and Classical. Winds, brasses, strings, piano and percussion cycle through a variety of solos and ensemble textures. Again was first performed by London Sinfonietta in 1979 at the steirischer herbst in Graz/Austria.

Alvin Singleton


Two love songs about the desire to be love songs.

Brigitta Muntendorf

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