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Electroacoustic listening situations in public space

A project by DEGEM at the Darmstadt Summer Course
Curated by Kirsten Reese and Marc Behrens

From 31 July to 11 August 2021, listeners could stream a composed sound file for site-specific listening situations at 14 locations in Darmstadt via a QR code. Although the yellow signs with the QR codes had to be removed, you can still listen to the works on this website by following the links below or even navigate to the locations and listen on place if you are in Darmstadt. For each of the electro-acoustic compositions and soundscapes by members of DEGEM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik e. V. – German Society for Electroacoustic Music) listening situations have been selected at specific locations in the city. We hear sounds and compositions that “touch” us through listening, and connect to objects, atmospheres, movements and stories present at the location: a fountain, a view, a glass container, an artificial pond, a tree, a pedestrian zone …

Ecological soundscapes, distant sound sceneries or abstract electronic sound compositions are transposed into an urban reality – they connect with the visual, acoustic and atmospheric characteristics of the locations.
When frogs and cicadas from the Amazon, or synthesized electronic “animal calls” resound at the somewhat neglected Herrngarten pond; when clicking electronic sound frequencies rotate through the headphones at a glass container, meeting with the movements of cars, bicycles and pedestrians at an intersection; when sounds of diverse watercourses are installed at the fountain on Mathildenhöhe; when an electro-acoustic piece of music about the experience of isolation during the Corona lockdowns is heard in an undercrossing teeming with graffiti; when electronic chords mix with the noise of an aeroplane visible in the sky for miles around – then the interplay of sound and place creates its own perceptual and content-related associations in the listeners.

The listening spots are located on a route from west to east (from Herrngarten to Park Rosenhöhe).
Headphones recommended!

Glass container Schlossgartenstraße (at the entrance of Herrngarten, vis-à-vis the church St. Elisabeth)
49°52’47.79″N 8°39’9.99″E
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1 – Tobias Hagedorn: Makrokreise (12:54)

Herrngarten Pavillon
→ 49°52’36.60″N 8°39’9.95″E
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5 – Verena Hentschel: Green and non-existent (5:10)

Darmbach next to Darmstadtium
→ 49°52’25.42″N 8°39’23.63″E
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6 – Johannes S. Sistermanns: de naturiert (1:46)

Pedestrian precinct Ernst-Ludwig-Straße
→ 49°52’19.47″N 8°39’13.95″E
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7 – Monika Golla: Aua auf Pico (3:44)

Pedestrian underpass Schulstraße
→ 49°52’14.04″N 8°39’23.77″E
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8 – Jonas Otte: Ennui (4:34)

Kaplaneigasse, Public Library
→ 49°52’18.87″N 8°39’30.45″E
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9 – Antje Vowinckel: Galapagos Kreuzblende (35:30)

Großer Woog, Fence Heinrich-Fuhr-Straße/Ostparkweg
→ 49°52’17.68″N 8°40’8.74″E
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10 – Marcus Beuter: zugleich – Acuisha in Darmstadt (18:04)

Mathildenhöhe, Schwanentempel
→ 49°52’34.53″N 8°40’2.26″E
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11 – Monika Golla: Sendung im All (25:38)

Mathildenhöhe, Fountain at Platanenhain
→ 49°52’36.78″N 8°40’1.23″E
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12 – Dorothee Schabert: Aquae Aquarum (9:11)

Mathildenhöhe, Vista at Platanenhain
→ 49°52’35.58″N 8°39’55.08″E
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13 – Christian Fischer: Depicted Scopes (9:06)

Seitersweg, Bridge to Rosenhöhe at Bernhard-Sälzer-Platz
→ 49°52’35.52″N 8°40’21.07″E
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14 – Christoph Ogiermann: LD 15 Bio Adapter Kommt drauf an was man draus macht (5:10)
15 – Dorothee Schabert: BostonBahn (4:04)

Park Rosenhöhe, Copper beech
→ 49°52’38.34″N 8°40’37.48″E
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16 – Sabine Schäfer: Audio Biosphere Yellow (9:53)

Park Rosenhöhe, Ludwig-Engel-Weg, between Rosarium and herb garden
→ 49°52’35.69″N 8°40’46.02″E
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17 – Andreas H.H. Suberg: HONIGKLANG II (11:50)