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Andrea Neumann
Composer / Pianist


Born 1968 in Freiburg/Germany. Andrea Neumann grew up in Japan and Hamburg, studied classical piano at Hochschule der Künste Berlin from 1988–1993. She has been active primarily as musician and composer in the fields of new music and experimental music since 1995. Her exploration of the piano for new sound possibilities has led her to reduce the instrument to its strings, its resonance board and the cast-iron frame.

She has been significantly involved in the formation and development of the ‘echtzeitmusik’ scene in Berlin, which borders on fields as varied as noise, electronica, contemporary composed music, performance, and sound art. She has co-organized Labor Sonor, a series for experimental music, film, and performance in Berlin since 2000 and Labor Sonor Festivals since 2015. She teaches free improvisation at Hochschule für Musik in Basel.

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