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Artist in Residence

Wanjiru Maureen, [MONRHEA], is to be considered one of the most authentic entities of expression to emerge from Nairobi, Kenya. She’s come to be known to embody the dark mother [WA.NJIRU], depth, darkness and the beauty of it, within it, well experienced both in her mixes and production. Her creative and experimental ability to draw out the deepest part of oneself, or better yet, sending you there, has her categorized as a talented creator and curator in the underground scene both here in Nairobi and beyond. 

Her sound is a reflection and tool to her greatest desire which is to connect people through music. These tend to be deep and she’s embraced this as her way, staying true to this she’s created a world of other possibilities and that’s what the scene best appreciates her for. Listening to her various creations and curations can have you for one, zooming off to the space of wondrous African polyrhythms, ambientes and noise, and in others you can find yourself grounded by the underground bass and hip-hop drops, time travel style, reminding of time quite into the recent past, but just as obscure, the most exciting part of the journey you’re then jerked into, the defined yet undefined introspective profundity that can be techno music.
In the meanwhile, she run’s a community called BYTE, a collective on the channel that’s creating a platform to share the world of music coding done through Sonic Pi, a code based music creation and performance tool. BYTE organizes Algoraves (live-coded performances) to encourage creators and listeners to get involved. They also run music coding workshops, and curate playlists of selected Sonic Pi releases. There’s no end to the connectivity and acuity represented by [MONRHEA] and it’s exciting to see where this odyssey leads us.  


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