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The project Pungwe is an inter-disciplinary project circling African sound with related contemporary arts discourses and spaces. This collaborative practice takes the shape of a participatory public platform hosting alternative music and sound performances. The central ideology draws on active convergence through sound that is commonly linked to a deep spiritual commitment. A gathering of this form was known as Pungwe (Shona word for vigil), during Zimbabwe’s armed struggle of colonial resistance. It was mediated through mbira music rituals. Pungwe can be streamed as a commune of people that are ‘woke’, referring to wakefulness as an act of mourning, and morning used adjectivally, anticipating sunrise as an emancipatory symbol.

Listening to a Listening: A conversation between Memory Biwa and Robert Machiri, is a collaborative project where we re-listen to the use of voice, language, instruments, bodily movements and sound technology in recordings, both archival and contemporary. We activate these sonic moments through installations and performances, as a way of deconstructing colonial archival practices, re-positioning subjects, and re-orienting sonic practices from our regions. We centre proposing new publics, so as to collectively hear/feel/create a new knowledge about the space and time in which we live.

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