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Ryoko Akama
Composer / Performer

Ryoko Akama is a Japanese-Korean artist working with installation, performance and composition, residing in Huddersfield/UK. Her works sculpt daily tools and scrap wastes with invisible energy such as heat, magnetism and gravity into kinetic contraptions. Her work is both an aural and visual occurrence as one entity, embodying ‘almost nothing’ aesthetic, creating ephemeral situations that magnify silence, time and space. 

Akama is interested in cultural thinking and perception, her artistic practice examines environment, architecture, immigration, sociological structure and relativity. She also composes and performs a diversity of alternative scores in collaboration with other artists and musicians worldwide. She is an artistic director for ame c.i.c. and co-runs the independent publisher mumei publishing and melange edition.

Selected installations include: the way they are (Yorkshire Sculpture Park/UK, 2019), composition of happiness (Spanien19C/Denmark, 2019), kosetsu (Stedelijk Museum/Amsterdam, 2019), ploughs and harrows (Konfrontation Festival/Austria, 2018), listening with the city (Darmstadt Summer Course/Germany, 2018), odds and ends (Bunkier Sztuki Gallery/Poland, 2018), loiner or (Industrial Museum of Leeds/UK, 2018), Object Migration (Avant Art Festival + Sanatorium Dź wię ku/Poland, 2017) and 1 5 (Uppsala Art Museum/Sweden, 2016).

Ryoko Akama is currently supported by PRS Foundation’s Women Make Music 2020, writing piano works for Siwan Rhys and Another Timbre, as well as a recipient of Develop your Creative Practice grant 2021.

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