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Here are the current 📣 calls for the Darmstadt Summer Course!

Last updated: 17 February 2020


Application process before booking, deadline 31 March 2020:

Flute: Claire Chase
Guitar: Yaron Deutsch
Percussion: Christian Dierstein, Håkon Stene, Françoise Rivalland
Piano: Nicolas Hodges
Saxophone: Marcus Weiss
Voice: Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart

For the following studios you can register without prior application: Accordion (Krassimir Sterev), Bassoon (Dafne Vicente-Sandoval), Brass (Marco Blaauw, Christine Chapman, Abbie Conant, Melvyn Poore), Double bass (Uli Fussenegger), Harp (Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir), Oboe (Cathy Milliken) and Viola (Geneviève Strosser).

The places for Composition (several tutors), Cello (Lucas Fels), Clarinet (Ernesto Molinari) and Violin (Graeme Jennings) are already booked up!


Deadline 31 March 2020:

Reinhard-Schulz-Preis 2020

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