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Since the Summer Course in 2010 the Open Space has been a core component of the academy program and has developed, especially during recent years, to a kind of “fringe festival”: Course participants, tutors and guests have been using the Open Space rooms extensively for self-motorized exchange and self-organized knowledge transfer in order to share ideas, concepts, texts and “their” music with others. This year, the Open Space serves as a virtual space that Summer Course participants and tutors can enter from their different locations for networking and exchange. As an exception, the Open Space is not public this time. However, the contents of the Open Space events are defined, organized and carried out by the initiators themselves.
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We have created a small virtual Darmstadt on Gather: all participants of this year’s Summer Course can interact with each other on Gather Darmstadt 21 regardless of their location, arrange to meet, communicate with each other, exchange ideas, visit concerts and performances, utilize the Open Space, ask questions at the Info Desk and go to the lounge after a concert.
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