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Studio Neue Vocalsolisten

Kursgebühr: 330€ (+11€ System- und Buchungsgebühr)

Tutors: Neue Vocalsolisten (Johanna Vargas, Truike van der Poel, Martin Nagy, Guillermo Anzorena, Andreas Fischer)

Dates and times for group sessions: to be announced after the first meeting in Darmstadt
Solo sessions: For solo repertoire the participants and tutors can arrange additional sessions individually
Participants: Singers and vocal ensembles (already chosen in an application process). Other participants of the Summer Course who are interested in the use of voice and body (instrumentalists on-site, composers remotely upon prior arrangement) are welcome to join.


The studio for contemporary voice is aimed at singers wanting to experience the possibilities and challenges of contemporary vocal music and refine and expand their spectrum of vocal forms of expression. We also welcome Darmstadt participants from other fields who are interested in the use of voice and body (instrumentalists on-site, composers remotely upon prior arrangement).

In addition to the work on extended voice techniques and solo vocal repertoire, a special focus is on the development of vocal chamber music (a cappella or with instruments). Thus, cooperation with musicians from the instrumental studios is also possible and encouraged, but depends on the availability of appropriate rooms for maintaining distance measures.
Important contents of the workshop are the skilful and healthy handling of extended vocal techniques, rehearsal techniques, intonation questions (especially microtonality) and the work on a professional performance practice. The participants gain insight into a broad spectrum of contemporary repertoires for voice.

The studio will collaborate with the accordion studio of Krassimir Sterev. Based on a call for scores & sketches (Composing for Voices and Accordions), new works for one or more voices and accordion(s) will be created by composer participants, and will then be worked and performed in the vocal studio. Composers Lucia Ronchetti and Malin Bång will accompany the development of these works.

Participation in both focal points of the vocal studio is obligatory for all participating singers.

A repertoire list will be made available to the chosen singers. They will also be given a work with accordion upon receipt of the scores.

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