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Niels Rønsholdt

Which sound is special for you?

In general I’m interested in what I call ‚the associative space‘ around a sound; a kind of aura of associations and meanings evoked by the sound. I often seek this double quality in a sound where it holds associations outside a strictly musical realm as well as being an aesthetic, abstract entity itself. That is by the way also why I – in relation to pitched sounds – find tonality a lot more interesting than atonality: because a tonal environment has a strong ability to create a context and associative space around a given pitch which exceeds the pitch/sound itself.

How important is the context, in which your work is performed, to you?

I often realize too late how important it is. But ideally each work has the ability to build up its own contextual environment, which is why I mostly work on larger scaled pieces – because it requires duration and conceptual strength to establish that ability.

Which skill, that you’ve learned by writing for an ensemble, helps you in everyday life?

If any, the ability to never give up.


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