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Studio Marco Blaauw, Christine Chapman & Melvyn Poore

Kursgebühr: 330€ (+11€ System- und Buchungsgebühr)

As part of the Darmstadt Summer Course, the Brass Studio offers a unique program for brass players who want to explore contemporary music.

The program contains work on basic- and extended techniques, interpretation, methods for studying, collaboration with composers, and improvisation.

The course offers the chance to work with four outstanding specialists for contemporary brass repertoire: Marco Blaauw (trumpet), Christine Chapman (horn), and Melvyn Poore (tuba). Each tutor leads 2 days of individual coaching and group workshops. Marco Blaauw directs the program and is present for the full 11 days.

The tutors‘ individual experiences and insights achieved through their work as soloists, chamber musicians, and ensemble players are an essential element of the studio. This combination of four views on common questions and the discourse that ensues provides a unique and multifaceted learning experience.

Previous editions of the Brass Studio have proven to be excellent occasions for getting performance experience, exposure to new repertoire, meeting with some of the most relevant composers of our time, and creating your own network.

The 2021 Brass Studio puts an extra emphasis on the exchange with composers. Isabel Mundry and George Lewis and a group of composers will collaborate intensely with the Brass Studio on creating new works. A performance/presentation is planned.
For detailed information, please see the workshop description: Listening as Compositional Practice.
Since the composers will most likely not be present in Darmstadt it will be necessary to meet with them in video calls. We ask brass players to bring their own equipment (headphones, mic, mobile device) for individual remote working sessions.

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