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Studio with different tutors

Bill Forman about The Brass Section at the Darmstadt Summer Course 2023

Two-week instrumental studio

Team of Tutors:

William Forman (Trumpet and program leader)
Clément Saunier (Trumpet)
Saar Berger (Horn)
Uwe Dierksen, Mikael Rudolfsson, Mayumi Shimizu (Trombone)
Gérard Buquet (Tuba)

Course fee: 450€ (+15€ system and booking fees)

The Brass Section

What you get:

  • individual lessons (at least 6) with leading brass players from five of the most renowned der Ensembles/Orchstras for new music (Klangforum Wien, Musikfabrik, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Ensemble Modern, SWR-Sinfonieorchester)
  • contact with many young composers. In some cases collaborations can be prepared beforehand. Other contacts will grow spontaneously.
  • the chance to present your solo pieces or other projects publicly.
  • chamber music with other brass players but also in unusual combinations with other instruments (only for those that wish and have time to prepare).
  • coaching of chamber music and collaborations with composers by our Brass Section teaching team.
  • admission to concerts and lectures of the festival.

Who can participate:

  • students and professionals who want to get to know New Music better and get to play challenging pieces better.
  • brass players who are simply curious to get to know pieces outside the standard repertoire and want to overcome technical and musical challenges.

Please note: Bill Forman invited brass colleagues to the studio for several days to share a maximum of different expertise and artistic knowledge. To make this possible, a certain number of registrations for the class will be required. Otherwise the list of brass tutors will have to be slightly reduced. In case of major changes, registered participants have the right to cancel.