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[Alternative] Concert Design (or: how to not bore your audience to death once they have attended your concert)

Organizer: Pascal Zurek

Mon 14 August 2023, 12.00 – 13.00

OS Showcase

I like to create interesting, memorable, unique concerts that resonate with the audience. That started back when I was playing in a progressive metal band and a comedy music group - and had to come up with interesting setlists & dramaturgy, so the crowd would not disappear after the second song. \\\ In this talk (ca. 20-25 mins) & discussion, I would like to share some concepts/pictures/ideas of "less classical" concert formats with you, filling the term "Concert Design" with ideas, and getting new ideas from your most interesting concert and festival experiences. As we sadly have experienced throughout most of the first week, concert rituals can be quite fixed - and that does not always serve the audience nor the music. But there is a way out! You are not alone! We can fix this! Come, hear, talk! \\\ (Ingredients: 80% best practices for making a cool/decent/memorable concert with contemporary music, 15% blatant advertisement of my own ideas & hope for collaboration, 5% psychology/sociology, 0% complaining, 0% sh-ttalking about artists and other festivals (well, okay, maybe traces.), 0% how-to-compose, guaranteed Adorno-free.)