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Discussion: Can ‘new music’ be sustainable?

Organizer: Mimi Doulton

Tue 08 August 2023, 18.00 – 19.00

OS 3

Imagine a world where we commission and create music more sustainably. Where – rather than touring Europe and further afield – we co-commission internationally so that a piece can be premiered in Belgrade, Berlin and Boston in one week by three different groups of performers. This is a practice that is already embraced to some extent by festivals and large orchestras. For them it is a matter of financial prudence. For us it needs to become a matter of environmental necessity. This discussion will focus on music created for composer-performers and performers/ensembles with specific skill sets, who must then tour as a necessity if a work written for them is to continue to be performed. This is as opposed to music that is co-commissioned, or developed from the start with future performances by a variety of artists/ensembles in mind. Is it sustainable to write new music that is tailor-made for a specific performer? Can a composer-performer ever be replaced in their own piece? (Yes, but why doesn't it happen more often?) Acknowledging the value of the two practices above to the new music scene, can we modify them to be more sustainable? Do we need to reframe success so that an international career is no longer necessary? I have no answers. I am not an expert. I have a lot of questions however and would love to discuss them with some colleagues. You are welcome to bring your dinner! PS. Do you disagree with all of the above? Come and tell me why, I'd love to meet you too.
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