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Organizer: Elena Ghigas (Gigante)

Thu 17 August 2023, 18.15 – 18.30

OS Stage

As suggested by the Latin pronoun that makes up the title, EA is a reflection on the eternal feminine portrayed in the images of water and the moon. A source of grace and pain, the feminine essence emerges through the quotation of both Maria Callas and the dancer and freediver Julie Gautier. EA mixes these two women’s gestures and voices, united by artistic talent and the ability to work hard. This audiovisual piece is also an invocation to the moon, like the one Norma sings in Bellini's opera. Foreshadowing a nostalgia for water, EA reinterprets Casta Diva as a secular prayer not to waste this precious and dramatically endangered common wealth. The work asks a question about life and death, both individual and collective, also in reference to the health state of the She who welcomes us all and whom we call Earth. The fragility of existence, metaphorized in glitch images and sounds, which are sometimes really disturbed, describes a symbolic continuity made up of discontinuities that generate fractures. And while death hides in the ticking of pendulums and clocks, newborn life hints at the almost sweet sounds of carillons and air bubbles. Ultimately, EA tries "to contemplate your own drama as if from the outside and dissolve it in melancholy and irony". Sonically, the work intends to express the complexity of the living by merging three types of archives: concrete sounds sampled using hydrophones (nature), repertoire sounds such as Bellini's aria (culture) and finally filtered sounds, using subtractive synthesis from white noise or from impulse banks (technology). The video track was created later and it can be considered as further metaphorical transformation between nature, culture and technology that merge into the body. It combines fragments from Ama, a short silent film by Julie Gautier, with interactive visuals. These were generated mostly using Jitter in Max, by programming original audio reactive patches. Different geometric shapes and bichromatic nuances have been associated with the different musical sections.
© ️Elena Ghigas and Julie Gautier