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Hreyfð – improvisation with a wearable instrument

Organizer: Sól Ey & Adrian Montufar

Thu 10 August 2023, 17.15 – 18.00

OS Showcase

Sól Ey & Adrian Montufar will perform with the wearable instrument Hreyfð. Afterwards, there will be a short discussion. Hreyfð is a wearable electronic instrument that creates sounds with gestures, made by Sól Ey. The instrument uses speakers, microphones and sensors to create audio feedback that the performer plays with precise movements. Hreyfð is a part of Sól Ey's ongoing research on live electronic music that links the physical body and gestures with music performance. The aim is to find methods to perform electronic music with a vivid expression on both audible, visual, and tactile levels.