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— This event has already taken place —

Partisan Visite Critique

Organizer: Monika Voithofer

Mon 07 August 2023, 16.00 – 19.00

OS Showcase

We host a „Visite Critique“ as an excursion at the Darmstadt Summer Course in Room 617. The attendance of the first week of the festival from August 5 to 13, 2023 will be accompanied by an open and free round table, in which we will critically discuss the concerts and aesthetical tendencies in contemporary music aswell as its history. The workshops will be organized by members of the international collective for music criticism partisan notes ( We will listen to and discuss concerts by Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Nikel, et al. and listen to pieces by Anda Kryeziu, Klaus Lang, Jennifer Walshe, Yiran Zhao and many more. The Visite Critique which has been conducted during Darmstadt Summer Course 2021 for the first time and after that at Wien Modern 2022 and cresc…-Biennale 2023 brings together active thinkers and practitioners from the fields of com-
 position, interpretation, performance, music criticism, musicology and, of course, interested audience to critically discuss contemporary music, in the place where it is happening.