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Dust Book

A book of six pieces for viola d'amore (WP), composed by Evan Johnson for Marco Fusi

Thu 10 August 2023, 16.00

Akademie für Tonkunst (Wilhelm-Petersen-Saal)

📖 Reader DUST BOOK

Evan Johnson: dust book (2022/23, WP)

Marco Fusi (Viola d’amore)

For more than two years, Italian violinist, violist and viola d’amore player Marco Fusi and American composer Evan Johnson worked very closely together on his new piece dust book, which in six chapters transforms the imagination of dust – as something floating, wandering, obscuring, traces on solid surfaces – into sound. “That solid surface here,” says the composer, “is the extraordinary, irrepressible resonance of the restrung and detuned viola d’amore; in a book of pieces that forms a catalog of cracks, holes, particles, pinpricks and shards, the instrument itself cannot help but spread clouds, ribbons, threads.” (Evan Johnson) Those who know Evan Johnson’s equally fragile, dense and at the same time spared music may be exceedingly curious about this musical reading of the Book of dust…