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How to deal with – How do you do it?

Workshop on Trans-Digital Composing with Brigitta Muntendorf

Tutor: Brigitta  Muntendorf

When: tba

Who: Participants registered for composition at the Darmstadt Summer Course

How: Composers register their interest by replying to our e-mail from 16 June.

Trans-digital composition refers to compositional strategies that work with the interrelations between music and digitality by reflecting on the relationships themselves in the working process. Transdigital music theater in all its manifestations builds on this process and also includes the integration of text, performance or other arts. But what does transdigital composing mean for (new) music, for composing, for production, for interdisciplinary collaboration? Where does hybridity begin and where does music end? “How to deal with – How do you do it?” is a space for questions around transdigitality and the role of composition to be reflected upon collectively.

Participants are invited to send an impulse with their registration: in the form of questions, short texts, references to music/art/performance pieces they might be thinking about (these do not have to be from new music) or questions related to a forthcoming transdigital piece.

Registration details to be announced.