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Studio Peter Veale

Two-week instrumental studio

Tutor: Peter Veale

Course fee: 450€ (+15€ system and booking fees)

General focus on extended techniques for the oboe, with particular reference to multiphonics, double harmonics, micro-tones, timbre fingerings and flutter-tonguing.

Repertoire suggestions.

Focus on recent solo works which will include:

  • a selection from Japan with pieces by Dai Fujikura, Malika Kishino and Toshio Hosokawa
  • Sarah Nemtsov: Deconstructions II for English horn and piano
  • Sarah Nemtsov: Wolves for oboe and piano
  • Liza Lim: Gyfu for oboe
  • Chaya Czernowin: The last leaf for oboe
  • Rebecca Saunders: To and fro for violin and oboe
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