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Arrival: 5 August 2023
Departure: 20 August 2023

After registration, our participants will be able to book discounted hotel accommodation in Darmstadt. Maritim Hotel is a good and centrally located 4-star hotel with spacious rooms. In order to offer an affordable rate, the hotel will slightly downgrade its normal breakfast buffet (separate breakfast room):

  • Maritim Hotel Darmstadt, Accommodation in a single room, incl. breakfast: 65 Euro per night (15 nights: 975 Euro)
  • Maritim Hotel Darmstadt, Accommodation in a double room with another participant, incl. breakfast: 41,50 Euro per person/night (15 nights: 622,50 Euro)

For bookings at ipartment Darmstadt our participants receive a 7% discount with a special discount code. (Bookable from 2 May)

Booking link for the Maritim Hotel and ipartment discount code can be found on your ticket. (You forgot to print or save the ticket during the booking process?)

­čî│ If you have booked at the Maritim, please note: in order to save resources, the rooms will not be cleaned on a daily basis. Rooms will be cleaned on the following dates: 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 August (and of course before arrival / after departure). You can always ask for new towels or additional cleaning in between, if necessary. Read more on the Maritim website!

On the Darmstadt Tourism website you can find a list of hotels and private accommodations.

We can also recommend contacting the Darmstadt Youth Hostel.

(All information is subject to change.)