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Klaus Lang


Klaus Lang (* April 26, 1971 in Graz) is an Austrian composer, concert organist and improvisational musician. He has been teaching composition as a professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz since 2006 and lives in Steirisch Lassnitz (Murau district, Upper Styria). Klaus Lang’s works cover the entire spectrum from solo pieces to chamber music and orchestral works. A special focus is his work in the field of opera. Constantly searching for new forms of musical theater, Klaus Lang has a long-standing collaboration with the stage designer and spatial artist Claudia Doderer. In addition to his artistic work, Klaus Lang has written a large number of articles for magazines or encyclopedias (e.g.: Positionen, kunstmusik, Grove) and published a work entitled “Auf Wohlklangswellen durch der Töne Meer”, on the subject of historical moods. In 2010 Lang was awarded the Andrezj Dobrowolski Prize.

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