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Marshall Trammell / Music Research Strategies

Workshop Tutor

Self-styled Music Research Strategist Marshall Trammell is an experimental percussionist, composer, conductor, installation artist and archivist currently based in NYC and Berlin, as of April 2023. He leads a participatory, autoethnographic, documentary filmmaking curriculum as a critical pedagogy in interculturally-situated Insurgent Learning Workshops (ILWs) utilizing practices from community archiving, political education Underground Railroad (circa 1840-60) and Creative Music. ILWs draw upon Chicano feminist scholar Chela Sandoval’s five technologies of the Methodologies of the Oppressed, practical wisdom from D. Soyini Madison’s Critical Ethnography, Manolo Callahan’s Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy in a unique music performance curriculum further inspired by the ingenious, metatextual, filmic construction seen in director Michael Greaves’ Symbiopsychotaxiplasm. ILWs are a vehicle for a continued engagement model of “Antidisciplinarity”.

Music Research Strategies is grateful for support from Borealis Festival, Sonic Acts Biennale, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, SIGE Records, Intercultural Leadership Institute, Pro Arts COMMONS, Off Lomas Residency, NAKA Dance Theater, Community Archive Research Project @ East Side Arts Alliance, Southern Exposure, Vancouver New Music Festival, Bergen Kunsthall, LA For All, Weird Cry Records, Innova Records, MothershipNYC Residency and Scope BLN Residency.

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