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Studio Christian Dierstein, Françoise Rivalland & Håkon Stene

Course fee: 330€ (+11€ system and booking fees)

Tutors: Christian Dierstein, Françoise Rivalland & Håkon Stene

Program Percussion Studio 2021 (subject to change)

1) Percussion ensemble concert with works by Georges Aperghis, Kaija Saariaho, Malin Bång, Jessie Marino, Sarah Nemtsov, Simon Løffler, Kristine Tjøgersen and others

2a) A music theatre project based on Georges Aperghis’ Enumerations (tbc)
Tutors: Georges Aperghis (tbc), Christian Dierstein and Françoise Rivalland

3) Open-air performances where participants from the composition class collaborate with percussionists, saxophone and accordion players using different locations in the city of Darmstadt.
Tutors: David Helbich and Catherine Milliken (composition), Marcus Weiss (saxophone), Krassimir Sterev (accordion), Christian Dierstein Françoise Rivalland und Håkon Stene (percussion)

4) Masterclasses with Christian Dierstein, Françoise Rivalland and Håkon Stene

5) Individual lessons with the three tutors

6) Class concert with solo pieces

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