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The New Potential of Notation (Graphic Design Principles)
Organisator: Aaron Cecchini-Butler

Mi 25. Juli 2018, 14:00 – 15:30
OS 4

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I hope for this to be an open discussion between composers, instrumentalists and anyone else interested in the discussion of the potential of notation.
The use of graphic design programs as a notational tool has been around for awhile, and I think there are possibilities that should be discussed. Graphic design tools such as opacity, color, line thickness, controlled curves, gradients and textures all have exciting applications that aren’t universally accepted yet, allowing for a deep and satisfying exploration of their possibilities. Please don’t feel the need to have experience with this sort of notation to participate, all opinions are valid and appreciated! I will bring some scores and concepts to kick us off but I want it to be a truly open space!

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