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Thanks to the generous support of the Feith Foundation we are able to award 15 scholarships in the amount of 450 Euro (equivalent to the participation fee) for the upcoming Darmstadt Summer Course (5 to 19 August 2023). The Friends of IMD will also support several participants with stipends.
Deadline for applications is ⏰ 28 February 2023.

Required documents:

  • Short CV (half page maximum).
  • Tell us something about yourself, your background, and what you would like to work on in Darmstadt. Please also mention what other funding opportunities in your city, state, or university you have researched and reviewed, or why other funding opportunities do not fit your personal situation. (maximum one page)

Please combine all links and documents into ONE PDF file (NAME_FirstName.pdf) and send it by ⏰ 28 February 2023 to:

Please note that we cannot consider comments, links, or information outside of the PDF!

If you have any questions, please email us at

Applicants will be notified in March 2023.

Important: Please note our privacy policy.