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Jan Maria Lukas

Light Design

Jan Maria Lukas studied textile design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. He later devoted himself to lighting technology and worked on various stages in Vienna, Prague, Munich and Bregenz before moving to Argentina for several years and later to Switzerland. During this time he worked as a lighting designer and technical director with Mummenschanz, touring the world for eight years and performing on countless stages between New York, Santiago de Chile, Cape Town, Beijing, etc. Meanwhile he gave workshops at the National Theater Dhaka and was responsible for lighting designs for dance and performance. Since his return to Vienna, he has been the technical director for Simon Mayer’s Oh Magic and realized other lighting works on and off stage. Since then, his devotion has meandered again and again to the visual arts. In the field of tension of light installations, interior design, light furniture etc. multidisciplinary works are created in his own workshop as well as further on stage.