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Growing Sideways

Choreographic Composition by Brigitte Wilfing and Jorge Sánchez-Chiong

Sun 06 August 2023, 18.30

Centralstation (Halle)

Brigitte Wilfing & Jorge Sánchez-Chiong: growing sideways. Choreografische Komposition in rückfälligen Verhaltensmustern (2021/23, New version for the Darmstadt Summer Course, WP)

andother stage:
Jorge Sánchez-Chiong (Composition, Electronics, Performance)
Brigitte Wilfing (Choreography, Voice, Performance)
Mirjam Klebel (French Horn, Performance)
Alfredo Ovalles (Keyboards, Performance)
David Panzl (Percussion, Performance)

Jan Maria Lukas (Light Design)
Florian Bogner (Sound Design)

“Growing sideways” – the title of the collaboratively created work by performer and choreographer Brigitte Wilfing and composer and turntablist Jorge Sánchez-Chiong is as strange as it is stimulating the imagination. Brigitte Wilfing states her thoughts on this as follows: “To step onto the side and feel forward, to grow sideways between the traces of the past and to look back with foresight at a sideways proliferating advance. Suddenly we have the future breathing down our necks. How many steps can we step back? Will we be caught with a hug or will we fall into the abyss?” And further it says in her introductory text to growing sideways, “The expression of development and improvement through the image of moving forward, locating the future before us has written itself into our bodies and is reflected in the way we live and work. The programmatic title invites us to add new directions of growth to the Western paradigm of progress, and is indeed taken literally by the performers as a choreographic-compositional directive for action. Modes of play and movement are twisted right-left, inverted, to indulge in playful reorientations, reversals, and other wild growths.” Thus, growing sideways succeeds in being an exceedingly lucid and sometimes genuinely amusing exploration of the subject of dance/movement and music, a new form of musical theater at the transitions of choreography and composition – a choreographic composition. Even this term invites to think, to listen and to look.

Produced by andother stage with the support of the City of Vienna Culture & Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Public Service and Sports

Presented with the friendly support of Merck’sche Gesellschaft für Kunst und Wissenschaft