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Michael Harenberg


Born in 1961, Michael Harenberg is a composer, musicologist and media scientist. Harenberg studied musicology and composition, and received his doctorate in media studies from the University of Bâle in 2008.

Involved in the conception and development of the Music and Media Art degree program at the Bern Academy of the Arts as well as collaboration in conception and founding of the Bern Academy of the Arts (2003).

Conception, new development and direction of an interdisciplinary Master’s program Contemporary Arts Practice with an artistic focus on SoundArts, Music and Media Arts, Fine Arts, Literature and Performance Art. Until 2018, he was co-director of the Sound Arts – Music and Media Arts program together with Daniel Weissberg, as well as co-director of the Master of Contemporary Arts Practice (CAP).

2004-2014 Chairman of the German Society for Electroacoustic Music (DEGEM) and director of WebRadio@ZKM.