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Convert Ego

Workshop for computer-controlled contrabass clarinet CLEX, ensemble and live electronics

Additional workshop

Tutors: Ernesto Molinari (Clex), Daniel Weissberg, Michael Harenberg (composers), Benoît Piccand (sound engineer)

When: 7 – 10 August 2023 (new dates!)

Where: Bessunger Knabenschule

Who: String and wind players (enrolled for the Summer Course) with an advanced instrumental level, creative curiosity, interest in interfaces between improvisation and composition, live electronics and multimedia concepts.

How to sign up: Interested participants should send an e-mail to by ⏰ 30 April 2023. Please indicate your experience with

  • Improvisation: Often/Occasional/Never
  • Open forms (graphic scores, aleatoric concepts or similar): Often/Occasional/Never
  • Instrument and live electronics: Often/Occasional/Never
  • Jazz and/or Pop: Often/Occasional/Never

If there are more applicants than spots available, we will have to make a selection.

Anyone interested in

  • 1) the interfaces between improvisation and composition
  • 2) the concept of iPad-based algorithmic composition
  • 3) the control, programming and realisation of live electronics (Max/MSP)

is invited to take part as a listener.


7 August 2023
9.00–13.00 and 14.00–18.00 Workshop and individual introduction with hands on. One hour rehearsal per participant.

8 August and 9 August 2023
10.00–12.30 and 14.00–16.30 Tutti workshop and rehearsals

10 August 2023
10.00–12.00 General rehearsal
14.00 Workshop presentation


The sound of every instrument is being analysed and generates instructions forother players. The musicians interact and mutually control each other. The live generated instructions are communicated via iPads. The sound of the instruments is extended with live electronics.

Every performance of CONVERT EGO will sound different. The performers must have a high degree of personal commitment. They not only have to fulfil the role as a performer, but are also required to improvise and to take responsibility for compositional decisions.

The musicians move the music individually and in changing groups. On stage, all instruments will be equipped with microphones and will have a reference loudspeaker and an iPad.

There is a thin line between technically supported composition and improvisation: Perhaps a new approach to interpretation?

With the friendly support of Pro Helvetia

Trailer of the world premiere