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Local Music

Site-specific projects by and with participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course

Sun 13 August 2023, 14.00 – 17.00


FUTURE PLAYGROUND – parkour with participants of LOCAL MUSIC: New Artists’ Colony Workshop led by Arne Gieshoff and Sarah Saviet.

Participants: Laura Bellusci, Jennifer Gersten, Lynn Hartfil, Myra Hinrichs, Kalun Leung, Miki Manabe, Daniel Newman-Lessler, Mireia Pellisa Martín, Vasily Ratmansky, Sharleen Revia, Jaslyn Robertson, Clara Wigger

Site-specific works developed in teams over the past week including feedback games, VR-trips, alternate pasts/futures and secret languages.

🚋 Travel:

From Lichtenbergschule take Tram 3 to Schloss and change onto F or FU-Bus to Spessartring. Then walk 5 minutes to Ludwig-Engel-Weg 1. Enter the Lion’s Gate.


With the kind support of Darmstädter Förderkreis Kultur e. V.