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Local Music

New Artist's Colony

Workshop Sarah Saviet & Arne Gieshoff

Intensive one-week workshop

Tutors: Sarah Saviet (Violin/Performance), Arne Gieshoff (Composition/Elektronics)

Where: LEW1/Kultur einer Digitalstadt e.V. (Ludwig-Engel-Weg 1)

When: 6 – 13 August 2023

Who: Open to participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course (interpreters and composers)

How to sign up: Interested participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course should send an e-mail to by ⏰ 30 April 2023. Please write us a few sentences about yourself and your musical practice. There will likely be 12 places in the workshop and we would like to have a ratio of composers to performers of 4:8. If there are more applicants than spots available, we will let you know shortly after 30 April whether you have been selected.

Local Music: New Artist’s Colony invites composers, performers and creators to work alongside violinist Sarah Saviet and composer Arne Gieshoff in order to create site-specific works for the iconic spaces that are the studio and gardens of the Neue Künstlerkolonie, the Park Rosenhöhe and the meadows of the Oberfeld. The workshop is directed towards participants who have an interest in creating for and interacting with alternative spatial/performance settings as well as those who wish to deepen their artistic practice through cooperative and improvisatory methods of working. These practical sessions will serve to create sonic situations devised for and interacting with specific local spatial conditions. All participants will act as both performers and creators developing site-specific installative works for acoustic and electronic sounds culminating in a public performance. The participants will work together to create open and engaging sonic experiences through open and collaborative processes as well as with pre-existing, composed and found material. Throughout the process open labs will facilitate exchange between tutors and participants of other studios as well as members of the public. The workshop will have its headquarters at the beautiful studio-garden LEW1 of Kultur einer Digitalstadt e.V. which will become a place of creation and gathering throughout the week. Performers and composers may bring pre-existing repertoire and material but should be prepared to take those as a point of departure for further explorations.

Loudspeakers and some audio equipment will be available. However, participants should bring their own laptops, instruments and, if possible, an audio interface as well as any other (portable) gear they might want to work with.

While LEW1 is well connected to public transport, in order to travel swiftly and comfortably between the studio, the main campus of the Ferienkurse at Lichtenbergschule as well as the various concert venues the hire of a bike is highly recommended.

Provisional Schedule

[The studio space will also be available for coachings, group and individual work outside of these time slots.]

Sun, 6.8. after Welcome Session @Lichtenbergschule
Meeting and joint travel to Neue Künstlerkolonie

Mon, 7.8. @LEW1
10.00-13.00 SESSION 2

Tue, 8.8. @LEW1
10.00-13.00 SESSION 3

Wed, 9.8. @Lichtenbergschule

Thur, 10.8. @LEW1
10.00-13.00 SESSION 5

Fr, 11.8. @LEW1
14.00-18.00 SESSION 6_OPEN LAB
from 18.00 Drinks & Social

Sat, 12.8. @LEW1

Sun, 13.8. @LEW1/Rosenhöhe
AM: as required


Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch den Darmstädter Förderkreis Kultur e. V.
With the kind support of the Darmstädter Förderkreis Kultur e. V.

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