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Engaging with the world
Workshop Jennifer Walshe & Du Yun

Tutors: Jennifer Walshe & Du Yun
Workshop dates: four days tba
Workshop times: 10.00–13.00 on all four days
Possible number of active participants: 15-18
Participants: Composers and performers (chosen from Call for Texts)
How to apply: tba
Application deadline: tba


Engaging with the world – writing in the world – writing from lived experience: In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore creating from lived experience as a lens for aesthetic engagement, culminating in a small presentation, or rather, a „preview performance“ for open feedback. Today’s dynamics of geo-political boundaries, socio-economic class, the molds of sexuality, and story-telling in gender roles, as well as “who gets to practice what,” are still quite rigid in many corners of the world. These borderlines – whether aesthetic, political, economic, or social – are all man-made, with the intention of examining the layers of history embedded within a cultural zone. The barrier between us and one another must be shattered. In the same breath, the barrier between us and ourselves should also be re-examined. To be a practicing artist is to position ourselves within our communities.

Call for Texts

Required material: Writing a piece / paragraph on your perspective of your own cultural heritage, your position with the current world, and how your artistic practices are reflecting these perspectives. Also possible: project ideas engaging these topics.

We’ll communicate early enough where and when to send your texts.

If you have questions, please e-mail!

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