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Engaging With The World

Workshop with Jennifer Walshe and Du Yun

Additional workshop with selection process

Tutors: Jennifer Walshe, Du Yun

When: Pre-summer course online meeting in June/July (date TBD), in person 14:00-17:00, 6-12 August 2023.

Maximum number of participants: 8

Application Deadline: 12 June. When applying you must already be registered for composition at the Darmstadt Summer Course.


How to engage with the world? How to make composition an open, collaborative field of activity with humans and non-human beings, our respective physical and social environments, processes and territories? This workshop will encourage participants to generate ideas in a wide variety of different ways and work together to realise them. The focus will be on collective engagement in a mode which is fast and loose, slow and precise in turn. The group will look to find common nodes of interest, desired routes for engagement, and support one another in the development of projects.

Participants can come from any background – the only requirement is a willingness to work together imaginatively and openly.

How to apply

Submit a 3 page PDF as follows:

Page 1: paragraphs to tell us a bit about yourself. This doesn’t need to be a standard CV. It’s not a job application! We would like to know about your work and context.

Page 2: ideas and contents to tell us about what you might like to do during the workshop. This is not a binding contract – it’s to get an idea of what sort of projects you might like to pursue. The workshop is not about Du Yun and Jen – it’s about the community the participants form together and what potential that has both during the workshop and beyond.

Page 3: give us a maximum of three links to your work which can be streamed online (no WeTransfer links or anything similar). Please don’t link to your website or Bandcamp or whatever – link to specific pieces or projects.

Due to the large number of applications which Darmstadt receives for courses, we have to streamline the application process and make it fair. If you send any other document type than a PDF, or exceed the page count, it’ll be automatically disqualified.

Please send your 3 page PDF file (LASTNAME_Firstname_Engaging2023.pdf) by ⏰ 12 June 2023 to: