Sabine Schäfer: Audio Biosphere Yellow

“Sounds of nature and the animal world touch all people. They are ‚understood‘ interculturally and are deeply anchored in the human subconscious. Perceiving living beings and nature from a different perspective expands our horizons of perception. Above the resonance space of sound-aesthetically designed, slowed-down and layered insect choruses, the strongly slowed-down and artfully modulating voice of a songbird rises. Which bird? – It doesn’t matter! The song becomes a ‚pure‘ line, a ‚pure‘ rhythm.”

Sabine Schäfer: composer and media artist. Development of multimedia, computer-controlled spatial sound art, interactive prints with audio QR code and artworks with augmented reality. Micro- and macrocosm of nature as well as the human voice are the focus of her artistic work. As a solo artist as well as with the artist duo Sabine Schäfer / Joachim Krebs, she has developed a variety of audio-visual installations. She lives and works in Karlsruhe.