Andreas H.H. Suberg: HONIGKLANG II

“This work block variant HONIGKLANG II is generated from derivatives of the wing-beating sound of bees in their hives and swarms. The stretching of the primal sounds gives a microscopic listening impression of the continuous modulations and touches as if it were the fateful song of the bees themselves.
The Beuys quote: ‚With honey on my head, I naturally do something that has to do with thinking‘ initialized the ‘formula’ that constitutes the title:

Andreas H.H. Suberg studied fine arts, visual communication, music, piano as well as composition and electronic composition. Founder and director of the multimedia Glasotronik project. Numerous scholarships, prizes, awards, CD publications (e. g. Wergo), radio and TV recordings / productions, concerts and expositions at international festivals and art fairs in Europe, North and South America. Works as a composer, sound and media artist.