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Online-registration (registration form, credit-card payment of participation fee) will start on 18 January 2023 (12.00 CET) and will either close as soon as an activity is booked up or on 31 May at the latest.


1. Choose ONE main field of activity from the list of studios (either composition, one of the instrumental studios or one of the intensive workshops).

2. Click on the “REGISTRATION” link (available until a course is booked up, but will close on 30 April at the latest) in the course description that will lead you to our online booking system ztix where you complete an inscription form and do the credit card payment. When there is a selection process for your studio, you will not find a booking link on the studio page. Online booking will be opened afterwards to the chosen participants.

3. Additionally, you can possibly apply/sign up for one or more additional activities (depending on each activity’s intensity). Please have a look at the list of calls regularly and check your e-mail inbox (and spam folder) for updates that we might send you after your registration!

Please take note of the General Terms and Conditions of the Darmstadt Summer Course 2023 and our Data Protection Policy.

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