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Daily reviews, previews, interviews and opinion pieces hot off the press from the "Talking About Music" seminar

27 July 2018

Andrew Chung talks to Jennifer Walshe and turns ethnomusicologist in the uncanny valley; Eva Van Daele on the blurring of authorship in Synthetic Skin; and Hannah Rosa Schiller advocates ditching our differencing and unifying our new music camps.

26 July 2018

Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen talks to Natacha Diels about making art that cares; Krzysztof Stefański reviews Cepromusic, the first Mexican ensemble to play at Darmstadt; Brandon Lincoln Snyder sets the stage for the Dance and Music workshop; and Megan Steller with a long read on her self-empowering journey to asking stupid questions.

25 July 2018

Anna Vermeulen unpicks the dubious eroticism of Série Rose, and N. Andrew Walsh previews the Nature Theatre of Darmstadt – and finds himself sucked into the apocalyptic surrealism of a Kafka carnival.

24 July 2018

Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen questions the discomfort zone of Tarzan; Krzysztof Stefańskichews over wires and patches in Julia Mihály’s Voice Electrification workshop; and N. Andrew Walsh takes a walk in the park courtesy of Nadar Ensemble and OurEars.

23 July 2018

Ahead of Série Rose, Hannah Rosa Schiller asks why sex doesn’t feature in new music; Edvardas Sumila marvels at the bass flute and vocal dexterity of Michael Schmid; Brandon Snyder misses an interval in the Arditti Quartet’s second concert, and Magdalena Pasternak scans the horizon in their third.

22 July 2018

New writing is up on the Talking About Music blog! Anna Vermeulen debunks the Tarzan myth ahead of God’s Entertainment’s new production; Małgorzata Kęsicka previews the bespoke concert settings of OurEars; Andrew Chung admires the posthuman vocal imagineering of Julia Mihály’s [trigger me]; and Andrew Aronowicz reviews the Arditti Quartet playing Boulez and Eastman – and identifies a fault line between ‘old’ new and ‘new’ new.

21 July 2018

First up: Eduardo Kolody ponders the kinetic provocations of Found Footage; Wioleta Zochowska reports on the bodily bliss of Hearing Metal and Nylon; and Peter Kalal salutes the Arditti Quartet residency — and questions whether the old guard can embrace the new.

*Note: The Talking about Music Blog is produced by the participants of the Talking About Music seminar, directed by Peter Meanwell and Kate Molleson. All contributions are representing the opinion of the authors.

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