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Organizer: Rosie Middleton

Thu 17 August 2023, 17.10 – 18.00

OS 1

“A woman sits alone in the room. She tries to speak. Her voice is gone.” voice(less) is an ongoing series commissioned by Rosie Middleton for voice, tape, movement and violin exploring voice loss, voicelessness and communication. This will be presented in the form of video excerpts and live demos. Here are two works by Esin Gunduz and Laura Bowler. There will be time for a brief discussion after about singer/composer collaboration and about the performance process. en-he-du-an-na-me-en - Esin Gunduz Inspired by “The Exaltation of Inanna” (Enheduanna, 2300 BCE), this work examines power, resistance and a voice reborn. Gunduz is inspired by interference and transformation; the electronic track is made up of multi-layered recordings of Middleton’s voice. The soundworld travels between the character’s innermost sounds and the outer limits of resonance. (Esin Gunduz, 2021). Cover Squirrel - Laura Bowler Cover Squirrel looks at the voice from several perspectives; the development and interrogation of a voice, the practice of the voice, the computerised and recorded voice, the singing, the spoken, the broken, the lost and the unintelligible voice. Beginning with the practice of voice and its relationship to instrumental practice and performance, the singer is soon transported into a game of triggers switching between aria, live interrogation and physical gesture. (Laura Bowler 2019).
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