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Good Morning Darmstadt!
Daily Podcast of the "Talking About Music" Seminar*

Episode 12: Goodbyeeeeee

Our last podcast of the 2018 Summer Course! We talk with George Lewis, Martin Iddon, Kirsten Reese, Sky Deep, and Heloisa Amaral about the enormous changes that have happened at Darmstadt, and how it’s changed everything from musical practice to social discourse. We hear from you about the most memorable experiences, and our panel talks about our own Darmstadt impressions. Hannah Schiller is our special guest in the studio, and Megan serves up an experimental weather report.

Episode 11: Final Days

As the festival is coming to an end, we ask you what is on your bucket list while you are still in Darmstadt? We reflect on the workshop format, with participants and tutors from Artistic Research, Voice Electrification and Electronics Atelier, and digest a conversation with Helmut Lachenmann and tell you everything you need to know!

Episode 10: Outside(r) Music

We take a walk with Georges Perec, crash a rave party, hit up a harp workshop, and land in the studio for a panel discussion on Tarzan and Série Rose.

Episode 9: Music Criticism

In today’s episode, we hear from composers Steven Kazou Takasugi and Rafal Ryterski, and percussionist Kaylie Melville from Speak Percussion. Our panel talks about own experiences with criticism, and we hear from you about what “avant-garde” means to you.

Episode 8: Body, Bed and Beer

Today’s episode is all about physicality and embodiment. Our panel discusses concert etiquette, Julia Mihány talks about the role of her body in her music, Johannes Kreidler shares his feelings on people walking out of concerts, and Monika Pasiecznik tells us about the absence of sex in new music in preparation for tonight’s Série Rose.

Episode 7: Rebecca Saunders, New Music’s audience, Darmstadt Date Night

Rebecca Saunders talks about composing for accordion, our panel discusses whether new music needs an audience and Johannes Kreidler weighs in on the string quartet. Plus, we get your takes on how to cope with a busy festival and give you tips for your next Darmstadt Date Night.

Episode 6: Access

We talk with Thomas Schäfer about Open Space, Martyna Kosecka and Idin Samimi Mofakham about how to put on new music in Iran, AGF about economic justice and the “typical Darmstadt” performer, and we hear from you about how you’re managing to get the complete Darmstadt experience.

Episode 5: Liza Lim, Andreas Demond and Defragmentation

Our panel discusses symbolism and the power of crowds in Liza Lim’s Atlas of the Sky, Andreas Demond of the Darmstadt Bookstore discusses how the festival has changed from his perspective, and we get the scoop on your most embarrassing musical moments.

Episode 4: Terre Thaemlitz, Éliane Radigue, and Jessie Marino

Terre Thaemlitz discusses music’s political potential, Jessie Marino breaks down why Nice Guys Win Twice, and our panel reacts to Éliane Radigue’s pair of evening features. Plus, we answer the pressing question: what’s in your tote?

Episode 3: On performer/composer crossovers, graphic scores and the decolonization conversation

A deeper look at ideas of identity and radio with the team behind Tautitotito, a conversation with Weston Olencki about performing a score that only he can decode, and an illuminating interview with Jennifer Walshe and David Helbich about the composer as performer. Find out which non-new music artists are being listened to around the campus and enjoy a live in-studio performance!

Episode 2: Defragmentation, the GRiNM Manifesto, Thomas Schäfer responds, Juliana Hodkinson

Now that the Defragmentation conference has begun we tell you all you need to know, plus an exclusive interview with members of GRiNM about their manifesto, and a response to their protest from artistic director Thomas Schäfer. Juliana Hodkinson speaks about her latest piece for Speak Percussion and we ask, what is a Fluorophone?

Episode 1: Bára Gísladóttir, Salim’s Salon & Festival So Far

Tune in to the first episode of the Official Unofficial podcast of the 2018 Darmstadt Summer Course, including composer Bára Gísladóttir on her orchestral piece Vape and her inspiration in Sarin gas, and improviser Seth Ayyaz from Salim’s Salon on what it means for a European composer to invite “the Other”.

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*Note: Good Morning Darmstadt is the Official Unofficial podcast of the 2018 Darmstadt Summer Course, produced by the participants of the Talking About Music seminar, directed by Peter Meanwell and Kate Molleson.
All contributions are representing the opinion of the authors.

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