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Darmstadt On Air #14
Being the pilot

“When you’re so deeply involved in the creation of a piece the feeling while performing it is totally different from just starting to think about a piece when you get the first version of the score. That also changes the result. I feel that it’s a part of me that I’m performing and not only some abstract piece of paper that somebody else created.”

Our ? Darmstadt On Air podcast #14 is dedicated to composer-performer collaborations. It is hosted by the Austrian double bass player and improviser Uli Fussenegger (*1966) who has been involved in the Darmstadt Summer Course as a tutor for many years. As a soloist and former longtime member of Klangforum Wien Uli has been collaborating with many different composers and has experienced a variety of approaches on how to work together. He talks to composer Andreas Eduardo Frank (*1987) for whom close collaborations with musicians and other artists are an essential part of his practice. Starting from two of AndreasÔÇÖ recent projects, he and Uli talk about co-creation and collaboration, band playing as a training, authorship, and about being the pilot.

More about Andreas Eduardo Frank:
Andreas’ project with Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart (web performance):
More about Uli Fussenegger:

Many thanks to Andreas Eduardo Frank and Uli Fussenegger, to Stefan Prins for the jingle, and to Lennard Schubert!

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