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Darmstadt On Air #24

Every separation is a link

Kate Molleson and Cassandra Miller in conversation

We are beginning a new season of our 🔴 Darmstadt On Air podcast: Darmstadt Summer Course tutors talk to a person of their choice and this time they start their conversation from a particular piece of music, a book, a piece of art, a performance, recording etc.
In episode #24 Kate Molleson (tutor of the seminar “Words On Music” this summer) interviewed composer Cassandra Miller about her viola concerto I cannot love without trembling, which you can listen to on Wednesday evening, 10 May 2023, 7:30pm on BBC radio 3 and online for 30 days afterwards.

More about Cassandra Miller:
More about Kate Molleson:

Many thanks to Cassandra Miller and Kate Molleson, to Stefan Prins for the jingle, and to Lennard Schubert!

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