Verena Hentschel: Green and non-existent

“Green and non-existent. Deep and grounded composition of the colour Green, which throws the body back into an archaic state. A calm emotion of feeling connected with your own body and the body of the world. The work is based on field recordings that are sculpted with deep frequencies, contributing to a holistic experience of body and space.”
From: Transformation – eine immersive Raumerfahrung in Bild und Ton für 8 Lautsprecher und 6 großformatige Leinwände

Verena Hentschel (*1984) is a composer and visual artist from Cologne.
 A focal point in her electronic compositions is the engagement with repetition in music and sound.
 The basis for her compositions are field recordings, the focus lies on the experience of sound and visuals. Will be finishing Master Studies in Integrative Composition (Electronic Composition) at ICEM/Folkwang University of the Arts this year.