Johannes S. Sistermanns: de naturiert

“These sounds could last for hours. They scratched along container ships, pushed by animal songs from underwater. Sounds connect for some time. Then from the ship’s bow, from concrete corners at port entrances, from lock gates they were compressed further, torn apart. Nobody ever gets to know when these sounds begin, how long they were acoustically connected and how they morphed. They do not even know their first nature, are constantly changing with sound particles, ‘de natured’ – removed from harmonious, ecologically balanced reserves. Without a home, unprotected, on frequent tours and with no destination.”

Johannes S. Sistermanns realises his compositions in media/electroacoustics, performance, sound sculpture, radio art, new music theatre. Studied New Music Theatre with Mauricio Kagel at the Cologne Musikhochschule. Internationally active as a freelance composer, lecturer, sound artist and performer, e.g. EXPO2000 World Exhibition Hanover German Pavilion, Donaueschinger Musiktage.  Prizes: 1997 Karl-Sczuka-Förderpreis SWR, German Sound Art Prize 2008 (Skulpturenmuseum Marl/WDR), 12. German Music Authors’ Award 2020, among others.